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Smart Tips For Booking Affordable Accommodation

Travelling doesn’t always have to be expensive. Read up on Albury Classic Motor Inn’s tips on how to find affordable accommodation in Albury, NSW.

Jealous of all the travel pics you see online? Travelling can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! From flights to accommodation, there are several ways to cut back on your expenses and have a wonderful trip. Albury Classic Motor Inn shares handy tips to help you score affordable rooms on your next vacation:

Research and Investigate

When making reservations, don’t just book the first result you come across, it’s important to do some research. Investigate the place you are going to and check when its peak seasons are. By travelling during its off-peak season, you are much more likely to find affordable accommodation.

Once you’ve decided on your travel dates, you can check out various hotels in the area to get an estimate of the standard pricing range. This is best done on incognito so hotel websites can’t track your browsing. Some booking sites check whether or not you’ve returned to their page to check rates and often raise prices artificially.

To easily compare prices, we recommend using comparison sites to help you find the best deals for your stay. Some of these include Booking.com, LastMinute and SkyScanner. These categorise hotels based on their quality, customer reviews, hotel amenities and prices. After checking prices, head on to the hotel’s website to deal with them directly, as some booking sites have hidden fees.

Always Check the Calendar

When planning a vacation, flexibility is the key to finding great discounts. Different weeks or even different days of the week can have different pricing. Weekends almost always cost more than weekdays, and some hotels even offer limited deals for weekday bookings. Some hotels offer huge discounts for booking way in advance to your actual dates, so keep track of those as well.

Consider sending a direct email to your potential hotel to see if they have any special offers available. It’s important to deal directly with the hotel, as the offers you saw on booking sites may not actually be as cheap as advertised.

Focus on the Necessities

It can be tempting to book that five-star hotel with the jacuzzi and spa features, but will you really be able to make the most of these features during your stay? Unless you plan on spending your entire vacation in the hotel, the answer is no. Rather, focus on the necessities. You don’t actually need extras like uniformed staff or a 24-hour reception desk, both of which could increase the price of your stay.

Instead, choose accommodations that come equipped with what you need for a comfortable stay. A room spacious enough to fit a bed and closet without feeling cramped. A working shower instead of a bathtub. A location that’s easily accessible through public transportation or is walking distance from all the sights and stops you want to visit.

With a few simple tips, you can easily find affordable accommodation for your next trip!

Albury Classic Motor Inn offers quality affordable accommodation in Albury, NSW. Our family-friendly motel caters to groups of different sizes, from to lone travellers to families. Make a reservation today.

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