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Tips In Booking Pet-friendly Motels

Planning to go on a trip? Check out these tips in choosing pet-friendly accommodation so that you and your pets and enjoy your trip. Read more.

Travelling with pets has become a growing trend in recent years, and the hospitality industry is adapting their businesses to appeal to the ever-increasing clientele. While there are a few extra charges in going for a pet-friendly place to stay, there are also several benefits you and your pets can enjoy.

We listed some of the things you can look for when booking your accommodation:

Animal amenities and facilities - pet beds and dishes are some of the necessary animal amenities a hotel must offer. While not all hotels come with luxurious hotel facilities, wouldn’t it be nice if you can find a hotel that offers extra pet services? A dog spa or perhaps a selection of toys that you can borrow or buy would be an excellent feature so you won’t have to carry everything.

Animal day-care centre - people go on vacations to relieve stress and be relaxed, and it would be great if your hotel accommodation offers an animal day-care centre where you can leave them without worry. Go on a tour around the must-see places in Albury and enjoy your time alone or with the people you love in the knowledge that your pets are in good hands.

Nearby Services - while travelling with pets is a fun experience as it creates a better bond between you and your fur baby, it can also get toxic and stressful, especially when it’s your first time. You might even forget to bring a leash, pet pee pad, training supplies or calming treats and sprays, so you might want to choose a pet-friendly accommodation in Albury that’s located near the city or shopping centres where you can find what you need quickly.

When looking for accommodation in Albury, NSW, a good rule of thumb is to find a motel that meets both your needs and your pets needs so you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation without worrying. Look for a place where your pets will be well received, well treated, and have a safe and fun experience.

Still couldn’t find an affordable and pet-friendly hotel in Albury? Visit Albury Classic Motor Inn online or call us at 02 6025 7177. We will make sure that your pet is safe and comfortable as you during your vacation. Reserve a room today!

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